Exterior Polishes
Tech Shield $ 69.95
Exellent for cars not needing
Oxidation or Over Spray removal. This
is a new type of polish that brings out
a deep luster for dark painted cars.
Should last 3 - 4 months depending on
care of the car. Takes approximately
40- 45 minutes to perform.
Simonize $ 59.95
Paste Wax Polish. Excellent on
older models not needing
oxidation or over spray
removal. Provides hard polish
finish for 2- 3 Months.
Approximately 40 - 45 minutes.
Our typical Detail Employee Has over 10 years of experience
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Express Wax $ 54.95
Liquid Hand Wax without
Oxidation or Overspray Removal.
Applied in Approximately 30 - 35
Minutes with exterior dressing.
Interior Cleaning
Complete Interior $129.95
This is the most difficult detail we perform but it
really makes a difference when the inside of
your car is completely cleaned. Carpet
Shampoo, Seat, Console, Headliner, Dashboard
& Door Panels deep cleaned & then Leather
Cleaner or protective covering applied.
Approximately 1 1/2 hours depending on
availability of man power.
Carpet Shampoo $ 69.95
This is for the carpet in both the front & back
seat area. Usually takes approximately 45
Seat Cleaning $ 69.95
Complete Cloth or Leather deep seat
cleaning and then Leather
Conditioner or protective covering
applied. Usually takes approximately
45 minutes.
Leather Conditioner$ 69.95
Includes the wipe down of Console,
Door Panels & Dashboard.
Extra Charge For Larger Vehicles
Complete Detail $239.95
Oxidation & Overspray Removal, Full Exterior
Polish and Complete Interior Shampoo & Deep
Cleaning and then a leather conditioner is
applied. Best of the Best! Exterior Polish lasts 4
- 6 Months Depending on care of Car . Ask
Ticket Writer About Time to perform
(sometimes we can perform this detail in
approximately 2 hours with 2+ men devoting
their full attention to only your car).

Mini detail $ 119.95
Simonize Polish and Carpet Shampoo. Great
for cars not needing oxidation or overspray
removal or interior seat/console deep
cleaning. Complete Dressing & Wheel
Cleaning included. Can be performed within
1 Hour subject to man power availability.
Full Exterior $129.95
The Ultimate in Exterior polish! Hand
Wash, Removal. The paint is coated
and rubbed by hand with a Clay Bar
that removes all the oxidation from
the paint and then a deep luster
polish is applied. Lasts 4 to 6
Months. Can be performed within 1
1/2 hours subject to our man power
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